Sunday, October 11, 2009

re /print /flect /vel

the new issue of blueprintreview is now up since a couple of days. so good, to see it online finally. and so interesting, to receive feedback. there are some first mails, and also some first blog entries, with a wide spectrum of themes:

- interconnections / permutations of texts + images
- significance of work in changing times
- different shapes / layouts of texts

reading through those reflections, i felt: there should be a feeback zone in the issue. and then decided to add an extra page: "re: re/vel".

the page also gives an overview of the "extra pages" of the issue (like the page with further re/visited reads, and the list of lost+found magazines).

and there is more to come :)


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Rose Hunter said...

Congrats - it looks great! I'm going to get to reading that this week....