Friday, November 13, 2009

Inge Jens: Unvollständige Erinnerung

Inge Jens: "Unvollständige Erinnerung" - "Incomplete Memory"

i didn't realize how fitting this book would be, for this month: it's the biography of a writer who edited the collections of the Thomas Mann letters, and later wrote the biography of Katia Mann.

but that's just a part of it: Inge Jens lived through the second world war as a schoolkid, and spent months and years in archives, living in the present, retrieving the past. she took part in the Friedensbewegung (peace movement), and worked in Berlin when the wall opened. and now, at the age of 82, she wrote her own biography. and still keeps writing. and editing. hats down.

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