Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pushcart Nominations BluePrintReview

it wasn't an easy choice. but here they are, together with the starting line of the letter. let's keep our fingers crossed.


As the editor of the BluePrintReview, it is a genuine pleasure and honour for me to nominate the following selected short stories and poems for the Pushcart Prize:

1) Erasing all the Sacred Texts
a poem by William Doreski (BluePrintReview # 19)

2) When I Lie
a poem by Lynn Strongin (BluePrintReview #20)

3) Consistency of Milk
a short story by Gregory F. Tague (BluePrintReview #20)

4) The Cork Trees of Alentejo
a poem by George Moore BluePrintReview #21)

5) story of anderson cooper
an excerpt of “How To Read These Poems” by David Wolach (BluePrintReview #20)

6) The Library
a short story by Jolie Braun (BluePrintReview #21)

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