Saturday, December 19, 2009

Regine Sylvester: Soll man so leben?

Regine Sylvester is a german journalist of both sides - born and grown up in East Berlin, now writing for a Berlin newspaper. when i saw the book, i was drawn to it by the cover, and the title:
"Soll man so leben? - Kleinere Texte zu größeren Fragen."
"Shall one live like that? - Short texts about large questions."

turned out, the book is a collection of essays she wrote, reflections of the changes that came with the reunion, on a personal level. so interesting, to read the "east" side of things, and so fitting, after reading the "west" reflections of Inge Jens in November, "Unvollständige Erinnerung" - "Incomplete Memory".

the book also includes a note on writing: in the forword, Sylvester tells about the struggle to find a fitting concept for a collection. her editor asked: "Why are you writing?" - "Because I still figure out options to live, and as a journalist, I can explore how others are living," she answered. "Then that's your theme," the editor concluded.

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