Thursday, January 28, 2010

Květa Legátová: Der Mann aus Zelary

the next book in my personal 2010 reading-around-the-world series is written by the czech author Květa Legátová. "Der Mann aus Zelary" - "The man from Zelary" is one of the 2 books of her work that have been translated to German. what interested me was the parallel and contrast to Herta Müller: like Müller, Legátová was a teacher, and was in conflict with the communist government. the books are very different, though, Květa Legátová's novel is rather classic, it starts in a bigger city, but then focuses on life in a small village, far from politics, and far from the 'city standards' of living.

one of the lines i noted down to keep:

"Vielleicht gab es zu allem eine Begabung. Auch zum Glück."
"Maybe everything comes with a related talent, even/also happiness."

(and here the link to the note on Herta Müller's book)

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