Tuesday, April 6, 2010

juggling time

in 2 weeks, this time, i will be walking the beach of mallorca island. 12 days of time are waiting there. and as i want to go there with a light bag of light clothes and a light calendar, i am now juggling the schedules for the next 4 weeks, and try to work ahead, and accomplish the work for the time away before i go, while still enjoying each step.

one thing on the list: preparing the next issue of blueprintreview, 'microcosmos'. the issue is in layout phase now. i wished i could share the first pages already. it's a joy, working on this. can't wait for it to go live, start of May.

also i'm preparing the daily s-press features for april. the next went just up: "Elegy for the Bulider's Wife". it somehow spoke to me, this cover, with the birds (almost like the ones in my avatar-image), and the compass in the sky, a signpost of time and direction.

& there are all the other projects, some small, some large.

& there is me
---- wishing for time to go slower.

& there is me
-----wishing for time to go faster.

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