Monday, April 5, 2010

indefinite space: small suns

Indefinite Space: Trees + bodies + minds, wilderness + birds, music—art, sea + sand compose the pages, as do situations, relationships, gardens, ghosts, and suns.

that's the short summary of indefinite space, issue 2010. which arrived in the mail here this weekend. hadn't seen it on Saturday, as i keep forgetting that there are different mail services around now, leading to multiple deliveries on some days. so i found it on Sunday. what a good easter surprise.

the suns in the summar, they are my contribution: a photo and short text, "small suns". they first glowed on this blueprint page for some february days, the 'small' first word of their title still remaining: small / in / space. now they are part of indefinite space.

more about the issue, here: indefinite space 2010.
happy april~

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