Monday, May 3, 2010

qarrtsiluni moments

the new issue of qarrtsiluni launched, it has a fascinating theme: „New Classics“, here the issue link: qarrtsiluni - New Classics. i contributed to the issue, too, and now am curious to see it unfold. loved the start of it already with Leslie Ann Minot’s lines: „On the Folly of Not Being James Bond“.

being here in Mallorca also brought back vivid memories of taking 2 images that later turned into theme contributions to former qarrtsiluni issues. one of them is an ocean drive snaphot that came out strangely blurred, but then turned out to be the right fit for my first collaboration with Karyn Eisler, for the „economy“ issue: „Dealing with Family and Friends“.

and the other image is my very first contribution to qarrtsiluni, to the „Nature in the Cracks“ issue in 2007: „Reclaim“.

both places are not far from here, and so i took „2010“ versions of both spots.

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