Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Referential: sinc(er)ity

"At Referential Magazine we will be nesting a site that builds from one piece of writing (be it prose or poetry). From that piece we want other artists to submit referential material. This material could be visual, auditory, written etc. We expect this project to evolve the longer it exists."

do i need to mention it? i love references. and even more so, web projects with a focus on cross-connections between works of different authors and aritsts.

the first time i heard of Referential was through Karyn Eisler, she has 2 images included. one of it is combined with "This" - which inspired Rose Hunter to send a poem to Referential that is set in Las Vegas: "Walking into the Wynn, Las Vegas, and You Are Stitched Into".

here's a bit of the poem:

the glass the
butterflies the baubled
trees the toy trains

dendrite tiles
and Jamaica calyces
under your feet

all that ruby
whispering to the lime:
clearly, for this job,
you need
to be something
other than you are

when i read it, i instantly thought of a picture i took in Vegas, straight from the driving car, slightly overwhelmed by all the light and water in the middle of miles and miles of sand, and by the thousands of people buzzing about this place, and me there, in between, coming from an hour-long drive through the desert, and not really there yet.

that was in the time before digi-cams, so i went and dug the photo up in a paper box. scanned it. and sent it to Jessie Carty, editor of Referential - it was while mailing that we realized that we actually "know" each other and even had talked before: 2 months ago, i received the feature for her collection "Paper House" from Jessi Graustein at Folded Word, for inclusion in Daily s-Press - here the link: Paper House - Jessie Carty. we even exchanged some words in the comments.

but back to Referential. long story short:
Rose's Vegas poem and my Vegas picture are now combined, here the link:
Walking into the Wynn, Las Vegas, and You Are Stitched Into .. Sinc(er)ity

make sure to click on the link that says Art by Dorothee Lang - it leads to my Referential contributor page, and includes a picture that a friend once took in Prague, and that later got photoshopped by ... Karyn Eisler (for her Living?s interview with me).

and 2 more references:
- Karyn's blog post on Referential
- Rose's blog post on Referential

round and round and round.
re: re: re:

stardust memories, 1 day later:
i now even remembered the place where i took the image: the Stardust. that's also where we had our room then (i think). i just googled... the Stardust is not there anymore. closed 2006, and then blown into dust particles in 2007. the Wynn is just sideways across the street from the (has-been) Stardust. here's a mixed photo page, you can see the Stardust sign + palms. and here is a map of the Strip, Stardust and Wynn are on the upper end of the strip.

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Jessie Carty said...

Thanks so much for chatting about Referential :) It is funny how we'd "met" online before but neither of us realized it for a while!

I love working on the project but looks like I am going to do a call for editors soon cause I'm getting a bit swamped!