Thursday, May 27, 2010

unfolding towards completion

the irises are now opening, in pairs and threesomes. you can literally sit and watch them unfolding into bloom. it's like a colorful and shiny gift from the garden, calling to be shared. when the first white iris opened, 2 days ago, i took a series of pictures, to send out to friends. (click to enlarge - you can still see the rain drops on the petals)

"sometimes i wish i could let the flowers here know when they are seen from other places in the world" i wrote to Steve Wing, who has an own vegitography photo tag.
he wrote back: "It's a just a moment thought, that their blossoms are shared through time and over distance. Which is part of what flowers themselves are about, being bright and showy because they found success that way, as pollinators come to visit."

one of the photos of the series was for Daniela Elza, as a virtual flower gift for her pandora's collective citizenship award: "you can see closed stems of other irises in the background – a signpost for creation in the making," i added. "seeing them, i thought of them as a parallel to words, poems, rising, and wanted to share this moment."
the flowers now found a new home, without knowing of it: Daniela included the photo in her blog, with a note: a gift.

and now it is starting to rain again. and while the rain falls, i will put together the final sequence of the blueprintreview micro cosmos. it's always coming with a bit of melancholy, the completion of an issue. .