Friday, May 28, 2010

real life transitions & postcards

next Monday, i will meet a fellow author in real life: Karyn from Vancouver. we will meet in Vienna. and both are excited about this transit from virtual connection to real life meeting.
Karyn is in Europe already, in Hungary. we phoned on Wednesday. (my first phone call to Hungary).
"i sent you a postcard," Karyn said.
"cool," i answered. and then remembered the collaboration that initiated the contact between us: a story / postcard collage for the qarrtsiluni Economy issue, in the form of a pop-reflection on postcards as a medium which embodies economy of words (few) and form (small).

sounds abstract and sophisticated? it really isn't. the postcard starts with "Dear _____, You made me promise to send you a postcard, remember? Well here it is."
the whole thing is up here: 'Dealing With Family and Friends'.
we even joked about starting a print-edition of those postcards back then, for tourist hot-spots.

well. today it arrived. and blew me away. Karyn's postcard. or rather: her series of postcards.
this is awesome.

(and yes. we definitely plan to send some collaborate real life postcards from Vienna.)

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Karyn Eisler said...

You are more than welcome for the postcards :-) So much fun to see our first collaboration come full circle in this way.

Also wonderful to see the cards online just now, in Heviz, Hungary. The woman who sold me some of the postcards was standing next to me at the computer terminal, and I was so happy to be able to show her where they ended up ... on your blog, in Germany. She was thrilled to see the 'transit' in front of her eyes ...