Saturday, May 29, 2010

YB: Society of Swans

this might get trippy. here goes:

because the iceland ash cloud delayed my trip to spain in april, i went to lake constance for a day. brought my camera. and took some lake side photos. one of it was: 2 swans.

and becaues Rose Hunter once had a swan poem in blueprintreview (titled: a picture of a place). i sent her the pic. which then lead to her suggestion to include it in the upcoming YB issue. together with a poem, to be written yet.

the ash cloud vanished for a bit, so i could go to spain after all. in my bag: the swan photo. and the Penguin edition of Virgina Woolf's "Mrs Dalloway"

in spain, i sketched the first draft for the sawn poem. Woolf and rain playing into it. but it was back home that it came together, and reached completion, with some valuable editorial input from Rose (thanks again.)

and now, as Rose is going on a journey herself. thus, the new issue of YB is up already, swan poem + pic included, in exciting poetic company.

- Society of Swans
- commentary / author's note

and here, the issue link: YB - a journal of new poetry - Issue 3.


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Jessie Carty said...

Im always awed by the number of poets who are also avid photographers :)