Friday, May 21, 2010

beyond today

today: friday.
today: launching the next micro cosmos sequence of blueprintreview.
today: rain.
today, a month ago: the canceled flight.
today: discovering that canceled includes a neat 3-letter-word. can.
today: careless neighbour insurance stuff, involving countless dots of paint on my car. oh yesh.
today: figuring out the last line of a poem, finally, with the help of a rose.

+ a note on the photo above:the new micro cosmos sequence includes an image i took recently: beyond.
that's from the daytrip we took after the flight got canceled, to lake constance. the trip included a revisit of a harbour restaurant i discovered last year, it's set in a historic building with massive walls. here's a picture i took inside:

beyond the outside tables, there is the lake. it's the reason i took the photo, but it didn't come out. yet when revisiting it, a crop of the window area turned into the "beyond" image.

a detail i only noticed now after putting the blog post online: the framed photograph in the picture, on the left side: that's a shot of the historic building iself, maybe from the fifties or sixties, taken from a boat. click to enlarge the image, then you can see the outside of the building, with the huge roof, the curved entrances, and next to them, the window squares.

and for a bit more about the day on lakes constance, try this virtual note: lake constance.