Monday, May 24, 2010

this time next monday --> Vienna

this time next monday i will be on the way to Vienna. through some fabulous coincidence, a city crossing of the double kind worked out: a friend from San Francisco is in Europe this June, visiting Prague, then Paris.
"how about meeting in Prague?"she wrote. "i probably go to Vienna from there, then Paris."
"Vienna would be perfect," i wrote back.
and so it worked out, finally, that we will meet, in real life. in Vienna.

but as coincidence has it, the story moved on. some weeks later, Karyn from Vancouver wrote. she plans to visit Hungary. "how about meeting somewhere there start of June?"
"would be great, but i am in Vienna already - how about meeting there? it's just across the border from Hungary."

and so it fell into a place. a crossing between San Fransisco, Vancouver and Germany, in Vienna. this week, the tourist info package from there arrived. so nice, to receive mail from the coming destination.

here some links:
- Vienna tourist info - sights
- Belvedere Palace + Gallery
- Leopold Museum (Egon Schiele + Gustav Klimt)

it feels surreal. and so soon, now after the island time. i'm excited, and a bit overwhelmed by everything that is happening this may. but it's good. may is for all there may be.


Susan Tepper said...

I adore Vienna and wish I were going along on this journey, too. Have a fabulous time and be sure to visit the Schoenbrun Palace (check spelling) just a short tube ride out of Vienna, and well worth it

daniela elza said...

what a lovely rendezvous.
have a great trip and visit.
hope it will be well documented.:-)