Thursday, June 24, 2010

and.y war.hol (MUMOK, Vienna, 2010)

"a whole room with itself _____replicating
through the n.eon col.ours of ___oblivion."
- D.E.

now playing in qarrtsiluni: "Andy Warhol" by Daniela Elza. reading the lines of her poem, especially the n.eon col.ours ending lines made me think of "Changing Channels", an exhibition i visited in Vienna. the focus of it: video art. they had a whole room with different video installations playing simultaneously, all around the visitors, in endless loops. the exhibit poster featured Andy Warhol.

visiting the exhibition was slightly overwhelming - the eyes drawn to all those flickering screens on all sides of the room: aneverendingstreamofimagesneverendingstreamofimagesneverending..

and y. funny that i never noticed this: in spanish, "and" is "y". and "hol" is German for "get". which makes And.y War.hol: Andand Warget.

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Rose Hunter said...

Andand Wasget as well? with war = was....

Wasget is a cool name for a character. Mr Wasget. He seems to want to do something. Herr Undund Wasget. OK, I go work now....