Friday, June 25, 2010

journeys / time lines

today 3 weeks ago, i was in Vienna, the final day of the trip. the day before, i had been to Bratislava. that's where i took a photo of one of the old main roads. which now turned into a photo collage/collaboration with Steve Wing. the whole image is up here: flaming moon, Bratislava.

for me, one of the dimensions of travelling is the option to return there virtually, to revisit the place in an image, to discover details that went unnoticed then.


Rose Hunter said...

I love this image. Wonderful!

Dorothee Lang said...

thanks! i am so glad i took this picture, there in this street, i wasn't aware of all the details when i took it.

Peter said...

What a shot! (I came here via the link under your publication today -- another fine photo.)