Monday, June 7, 2010

Published For a Day - "All But One Thing"

Today is “Published For a Day” day on Word Riot. i received the mail to join yesterday. and immediately was tempted by the concept, the instantness of the idea. and by the idea to return to the experimental text i once wrote, then filed, then later pulled some short stories from. just some clicks in the computer, and it returned to live, with a new title: "All But One Thing".

now it is online. together with more than 60 other manuscripts. i just put a feature in Daily s-Press together, with some back info: Published For a Day.

and here, a note on the manuscript i contributed:

All But One Thing
Written during one month, and inspired by the NaNoWriMo group writing days, All But One Thing is an experimental novel, a mix of story, dream fragments, and dream analyzes theory. The base idea of it was: write through dreaming. As in: set the alarm early, try to keep the dream memories when waking, include them as fragments, and write a chapter a day that is inspired by the dream memories. The manuscript was never meant to turn into a published novel, but some of the dream passages later turned into short stories that got published online.

It’s interesting to revisit to this manuscript now – I returned to my dream diary last October, and worked on a series of flash stories this winter, some of them based on dream fragments.

But back to All But One Thing – the novel consists of 25 chapters. The main character is June. Here’s the starting line:

“A path. A turn. A tree. Standing on the left side, huge and dark, his arms reaching out for me. I hesitate. It’s just a tree, I tell myself.”

update, 1 day later:
the files aren't up at Word Riot anymore, as the 1-day-event is over. but i now put an excerpt of the first 10 pages up. maybe there even might be a way that some of the dreams connect to the current flash story series that is based on dreams. anyway. here the excerpt: All But One Thing - excerpt [pdf version]

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