Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vienna museum moments

four museum moments from Vienna: the first is a self portrait, taken in the entry hall of the Kunsthalle (art hall). i am the one in the middle mirror. the one in the right mirror is Diana. (click to enlarge)

the second is from the National history of art museum - we just peeked into that on Friday, and Diana is visiting it today - more on it, in her travel blog.

and here, 2 moments from the Oskar Schiele exhibition in Leopold museum:

after visiting the paintings, i took some time to watch other visitors - it almost felt like a life performance, with the slow moves of museum visitors, and the reactions they showed to the paintings. a digitally rendered version of the second photo later turned into the cover image of blueprintreview #26.

for more about the Leopold museum and Schiele, visit this blog post: Sezession21 + Leopold museum.

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