Thursday, July 8, 2010

revisited: blues x 3 & upcoming: 3cheer skype

this week: revising. and revisiting the past... "Blues" is a series of 3 sky photos i took 2 years ago in Spain. back then, it got published in Emprise Review, in combination with a story named "Greetings from Cambodia" by Pal Nyiri). due to a website switch, the photos fell out of the layout, but the blues-friendly folks at Emprise now reconfigurated the sky. and so they are back now, in stunning layout: the Blues.

and as i am into revisiting works in different layout, i now dug up the blog entry from back then: emprise review: sky1, sky2, sky3

also this week: looking forward to the future... the Folded Word "3Cheers" video is upcoming this weekend, with the winners of the 3Cheers vote. one my texts, "(t)here", was part of the vote, and i really hope it made it - it would be so beautiful to see it starting to move.
parallel to the video launch, Folded Word is organizing a live chat, via Skype talk. i will take part - and checked out the Skype talk yesterday. clicked on "Folded Word". clicked the next button. and wrote the very innovative words: "Hello!"
i didn't expect any response, and proceeded to click through the Skype page, to get an idea of how it works. and then words popped up. Folded was online and answered - what a surprise! now i look forward to the 3Cheers chat - there is an open invitation and schedule up here:

(the chat will be Saturday evening in the America, and early Sunday morning in Europe)


Jessie Carty said...

i also newly signed up for skype for the 3cheers chat. i haven't chatted with anyone yet but i tested my mike and speakers so we shall see!

Dorothee Lang said...

Jessie ~ great that you will take part, too! i think the chat will be in written words, at least that's how it looked like when i tried the chat function. yes, we shall see!