Wednesday, July 7, 2010

summer, winter, south africa, the south pole, and .. more summer

outside, temperatures are headed for 32°centigrade (that's around 90°fahrenheit). in the snail mail, in one of those cases of weird summer timing: a catalogue for the autumn/winter season. which at least fits with the temperatures in south africa, where it's winter now, and the the next half final will take place this evening.

and more southern feeling: usually i never get far in winning any books, but this week i was lucky: i am one of the 3 winners of Tania Hershman's story collection "The White Road". really looking forward to receiving the book, and reading it, it won the Orange Prize 2009, and starts with a story set on the road to the South Pole - which will be perfect to read in July, and then to reread in December.

more summer moods: there is a special summer feature on in Daily s-Press, a trip through the literary land beyond the indie and small press books. now playing: summer reading groups, summer projects, summer issues... and more summer to come.

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