Monday, July 12, 2010

pink + playmobile

this weeks start with cosmea pink. and with more blue sky and relentless temperatures.

more fancy colors are up in the 3 Cheers Spring Video - it comes with an energy ball and a zoom through playmobile world. i managed to get up yesterday in time for the Folded skype chat, had a fun time there between timezones. Folded Word in their cheerfulness announced to send out copies of Eric Beeny's "Snowing Fireflies" - which sounds like the perfectly temperatured read for those days.

watching the video made me remember another youtube clip based on playmobile: Death Star Canteen - Darth Vader running into an identity crisis while trying to order some penne a la arriabata.

now i am hungry.

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Jessie Carty said...

The Skype chat was quite fun. I, however, still keep forgetting to log into Skype when I turn the computer on. I know I could set it up to do it automatically but my computer is already slow as it is!