Friday, July 16, 2010

the shapes of things to come

usually at this time, the butterfly tree in the garden is circled by dozens of butteflies. this year, it is still standing alone, and i find myself waiting for them. which is somehow fitting -- it feels like a time of things to come. inspired by the feature on the 52/250 flash writing group (link), i wrote a flash story this week - it will go live next monday, as part of their "Union of Opposites" theme, and i find myself waiting for this, too. the story is titled "White" - maybe i post the story in fictionaut this weekend - it's been too long a while since my last post there.

plus, i wrote a mini flash for the PicFic of the Week. i am not even sure when they announce the winner, so don't know exactly what day to wait for, but i enjoyed taking part. the picture invited for a thought walk through the sky, in colored shoes: Week 16. plus, i worked on photo submissions, 2 are out now, one is a pop-color-collaboration, one is on the darker side.

more things to come: i am working on the next issue of blueprintreview. the issue is planned for August, and is now finding its shape, with the first pages complete in layout. no definite launch day yet.

then there is the ongoing manuscript revision -- seen from there, i guess those little flash / picfic bursts of story writing and the photo submissions are to some degrees a balance to the revision, projects that don't take seasons to find their shape, but flutter from the page in lighter ways.

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