Monday, August 2, 2010

2 Layers - Otoliths

in June, Steve Wing and i worked on a couple of 2-layer images: collages of image pairs, with a focus on the sky. now a series of these images went live in the new issue of Otoliths:
2 Layers

it's fascinating to work with places like this, shifting them from reality to magic realism. the first image, "Water Plaza", shows the museum plaza in Vienna - another image of the photos i took there went live in elimae last month, this is the "real" plaza: Sezession21. and for another (rather counterparting) 2-layer-moment from Vienna, try Antimaterie - an image i created in response to a layer poem in Referential.

back to Otoliths: the issue that went live is Otoliths #18 - the southern winter 2010 issue:
"This is an august issue. It's packed with text in its many forms — as story, essay, review, or poem — as well as a wide range of visual media: collages, frottages, glyphs, postcards, paintings, notebook pages & some great new vispo."

it's an amazing issue - great to be in such creative company as Sean Burn, Andrew Topel, Sheila E. Murphy, Raymond Farr, Bobbi Lurie, Felino Soriano, Ed Higgins to name just a few.

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