Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my name in unexpected places + #StorySunday

my name appeared in 2 unexpected places - i copied and pasted the notes, and also included the details of StorySunday, to spread the word (+ stories):

Editions Bibliotekos, Thursday, July 29, 2010Virtual Notes Marks Common Boundary
Have you seen Dorothee Lang's virtual notes on
Common Boundary? Take a look here - she gets right to the heart of the book. And no wonder, as Dorothee is a writer, essayist, editor, and translator. When you go to her virtual notes, you can find out more about her. Check it out. (link)

Tania Writes, Monday, August 02, 2010The First Story Sunday on Twitter
After leaving Facebook a few months ago, I've been using and enjoying Twitter much more than before, for its simplicity (no farmville, no distracting games!) and its usefulness, with people posting links to interesting and relevant articles, blog posts etc... Yesterday, I decided to start something up and see what happened: #StorySunday.
The idea behind #StorySunday is that you link to a short story by somebody else that you've enjoyed recently. For those of you who missed this and you are on Twitter, you can go and search for StorySunday. But I thought I'd also post all the stories people recommended here, so everyone can enjoy them, along with the name of those who Tweeted:


Jessie Carty said...

did you find out through google alerts? I love google alerts :) although there is a jessica arnesen (my name is not jessica but my maiden name was arnesen) who sells real estate in florida so i hear about that real estate :)

Dorothee Lang said...

i tried google alerts, but ended up receiving odd notes about other Dorothees. :)

came across those 2 through a blog stroll + a mail.