Sunday, August 1, 2010

sunday, 1/31

sunday. 1st of august. 1st day of the FoldedWord24/7 writing month. in the mail, a message from Folded Basecamp, to kick things off: "Once you write your story or poem for the day, reply to this message with your title and the short-form you used."

and despite my slight anxiety about daily writing, and about where to start, it suddenly felt simple. "i'll start with a twitter poem," i decided. and realized that i actually never wrote a twitter poem before. so i logged into twitter, for a hashtag-taste:

and came across those lines, and some more hashtags:
  • "the deep night / held her tightly / and when morning came / wouldn't / let her go"
    - Blue Ribbons #micropoetry
  • "Allusively summer / My benshee is paperhanging / Hollow linnet"
    - Haikumachine #haiku

then i went, to write an own twitter poem, just as twitter closed for maintenance.

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Folded Word said...

What a fantastic behind the scenes look at your 24/7 post today on Basecamp. Thanks for sharing and participating!