Sunday, August 1, 2010

zombi was here - Zombie Summer

in complete contrast to Tinker Creek, i have an image up in xTx's "Zombie Summer" issue:

zombi was here
the photo is from Greece, shot 2 (or 3?) years ago at a parking lot in Crete, and strangely fitting with this week's messed-up news from there: due to a strike of lorry / petrol truck drivers, tourists (and the rest of the people living there, but the news is basically about tourists, which is weird enough, thinking of it (well, apart from the fact that Greece needs the tourists (or rather: their cash) pretty bad these days after they managed to mess up their state's wallet in EU-shaking size)). now where was i? see, Zombie effect: sentence parts dissolving. so: the tourists (and the rest). they are stuck in a protest siege: no fuel at petrol stations, abandoned cars on road sides, empty shelves in supermarkets, everything pretty on hold and slightly apocalyptic, with more mess to come.

while visiting Zombie Summer, also check out this partner ad of an openminded and outgoing Zombie by Robin Frimer: "A Zombie looking for Love". there are some other Zombie pieces (aka: limbs) i really enjoyed, but i might better go looking for them at a more appropriate zombie time of day. (didn't make it to breakfast yet).

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