Friday, October 8, 2010

52/250: Unseen + Imprints

the new 52/250 theme issue is up: "Unseen"

it's a special issue for me - i suggested the "unseen" theme a while ago, and it's so interesting to see it now online, with so many different unseen takes. i had fun writing a flash for this issue - a story that starts with some innocent first snow flakes, and then takes a turn to the darker side of things: "Imprints"

and another unseen note: the cover photo for the issue is a sand mandala, i took it last year - there's a note on it at the bottom of the issue: "There were some Tibetan monks near here and they did a sand mandala, so fascinating. I thought of this for unseen, as the mandala symbols all represent the mystical, the invisible world beyond our conscious grasp."
it took the monks more than a week to complete the mandala, i visited the place a couple of times, and also blogged about it, here's one of the entries with a photo of the monks working on the mandala: mandala, day 5.

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