Saturday, January 15, 2011

human form, animal behaviour

the new theme of photo friday is: "human form". not an easy one, this. i browsed my image files, and arrived at the moment above, from the Manrique museum in Lanzarote. standing there back then, i actually first waited for the woman to move out of the image - my focus was on the contrast of the natural, scattered lavafield outside, and the clear, cubistic museum rooms.

then i noticed the second shape: the curved sculpture, the curved roofs of the houses at the edge of the lavafield, and the curves of a human body. so i took the photo, just before the woman walked off. click the image for a larger view, or click here: cubistic / curves

& in interesting combination of themes, the 52/250 flash page has the prompt 'animal behaviour' up, deadline is this sunday.

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