Sunday, January 30, 2011

january, revisited (or: If)

at the end of 2010, i had the idea to revisit the publications of the year, month by month. which was so interesting, but also a bit much, even when moving with the pace of a month per day: 2010, revisited

after reaching december, i wrote: "maybe instead of revisiting everything at the end of the year, it would be an idea to revisit each month at its end, in a post, as a moment of pause + reflection in the flow of time."

and as january is almost complete now, and sunday is a good day for reflection, i moved through the words and images of the month now. here goes:

january was planned as a month of writing daily small stones, which didn't quite work out, but the "stone" mood lingers in the words i wrote: a stanza of a collabe winter poem, a "H20"-flash and a D(ash) miniature - which all feel symbolic for this month, and (s)lightly adjusted, form an own possible poem:


Walking through snow, she realizes she is missing
her garden - this feeling of earth between her hands.

She tries to see the snow as just what it is: a structure of H2O.
Strings of molecules, the base of life. All those drops-

Once being a river, once a cup of coffee,
and then falling again, as rain, as snow.

The next day, on her walk, she takes in sights and (l)inks of meaning;
ponders (r)egrets, (c)ash value, choices of l(if)estyle.


another general theme of these days are personal / global reflections: "When Home is a Page", and "They thought". A highlight of the month: my short story "Eighteen" made it into the Folded "Freigh" anthology shortlisted. it's one of those those stories i am still glad i found the words for.

and here, the links to the works:
- The Change in Winter Light (collaborative poem), Leaf Press
- H20 + H.owl (flash stories) 52/250
- D(ash) (collab nano fiction), PicFic
- When Home is a Page (reflection), language/place carnival
- They Thought (political poem), Enpipe Line
- Eigtheen (short story), Folded Freight anthology
- & on the writing/revising side, i worked on the revision of a manuscript, and made good progress. more about that manuscript, in February :)

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