Friday, February 25, 2011


the new issue of 52/250 is online, the theme of it: coincidences, suggested by Susan Gibb. i knew i wanted to contribute to the theme. so i noted the theme on a piece of paper. and found a coin in it. from there, a poem unrolled:


while writing it, i also learned some word definitions:
- Palindromes: words which are the same spelt backwards or forwards
- Anagrams: word or phrase constructed by rearranging all letters of the original word or phrase
- Semordnilap: words which are another word spelled backwards

not sure what the exact term is for wordplay that crosses between languages. but i played with this crossing before in an earlier issue of 52/250, here: A like

and re-reading "A like", i just realized that it includes one more word definition:
- Homonyms: different words, same pronunciation

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