Sunday, February 27, 2011

a day that we write

2 moments from february 2010, revisited: a sky moment, and a quote:

"Michael Cunningham once said to me ‘a day that we write is completely different than a day that we don’t,’ and there is nothing untrue about this sentiment. Chains are in your mind, man. We’re not sculptors of rock, we don’t require huge easels in carrying cases. Find an eyeliner, find a cocktail napkin, and put something down. It’ll save you.

As for advice on how to do this other than having an over-bearing amount of nerve, I’d say go to your books. Pull a work, simply put, that you love. Something that drove you so crazy you wanted to eat it, and read a few sentences. It’ll light the path. You will bring you home. Your love of literature will bring you home." - Nicolle Elizabeth, interview at fictionaut

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