Tuesday, March 1, 2011

february revisited

in an approach to keep track of the multitude of projects squaring my desk and days, i decided to take some time at the end of each month, to reflect on the words and images it brought. so here, while march enters the year, a reflection on the previous month:

a time of new snow, of multiple projects, of synergy. there is the upcoming "collab" issue of BluePrintReview, i blogged about editing it at synergy in progress. there is a newsletter in-the-making for one of my freelance projects, and i direct synergy, this sparked the idea to create a blueprint-newsletter. if all works out, the first will be sent this week. also, there is as always, Daily s-Press. and there is - the manuscript, which i meant to write more about in february. the thing is, it is far, but the title is not fixed, and it's somehow odd to write about a thing that doesn't have a name yet.

apart from those larger schemes, there were: images and words and colors. really, i'm so glad about the continuing creative challenges, like 52/250, or the language/place carnival, or photo friday - with the multiple larger projects, it's easy to postpone writing, but the challenges take me back to the page. one of the themes this year is: wordplay. fragmented words, and crossing between languages. that's where almost half of the published works are coming from:
- cap(tur)e (flash story), A-Minor
- D(ash) & Tr(ash), a twitter collab with Karyn Eisler, PicFic
- (coin)cidences + long(ing) (poems), 52/250 flash

the other focus is visual works:
- 4 visual poems (collab with Karyn Eisler), Otoliths
- talka(c)tive (asemic visual), foffof
- contrasts, travels, self (photos), photo friday
- la isla (travelogue with photos), language/place carnival

the larger picture / ongoing themes
parallel to going through those links, i updated my “pubs” page, and then looked at the icons: pubs / visualized, and noticed how february took a turn to a bit more colors, with the pink and the yelllow.

..and now i just realized i forgot one piece: elephant in the room. a moment from Vienna, which now found its place in Referential. it’s interesting to see how Vienna is an ongoing theme through all months, together with the more general themes of "trees" and "travel".

(previous reflections are here: revisiting)

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