Sunday, March 20, 2011

the crowd (or: array, cloud, set)

while i was browsing the halls of Leipzig Book Fair - which brimmed with books and people -  the new issue of 52/250 went live on friday. the theme of the issue, fittingly: crowd.

the story i have in it is: array, cloud, set.
(which again, fits from theme: due to the mass of people with mobile phones and laptops, the mobile net at the fair had problems.)

so interesting, to return to the "crowd" theme - qarrtsiluni magazine had a crowd issue last year. my contribution to it was a moment from a previous trip to Leipzig: Nikolaikirche.

and another "crowd" picture from Leipzig - a collage of brochures, maps, paperbacks from the book fair:

+ the alphabetic crowd word collage that inspired the story title:

army, array, blowout, bunch, cattle, circle, clique, cloud, cluster, company, concourse, confluence, conflux, congeries, congregation, coterie, crew, crush, deluge, drove, faction, flock, flood, gaggle, great unwashed, group, herd, horde, host, jam, legion, lot, mass, masses, meet, mob, multitude, muster, organization, pack, party, people, posse, press, rabble, rank and file, scores, sellout, set, stream, surge, swarm, throng, troupe, tumult (from: thesaurus "crowd")

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