Monday, March 21, 2011

polished (or: stone timelines)

a very different moment from Leipzig: in 1813, Leipzig was the site of a huge battle, called the "Völkerschlacht" - "The Battle of the Nations". back then, Germany wasn't a nation yet, instead there were different regional kingdoms (and a lot of wars between them). in 1813, Napoleon and the German Saxons were figthing against the joined troops of German Prussia + Austria, Russia, and Sweden. the battle was part of the process that lead to the "Deutsche Bund" in 1815 - an association of the various kingdoms that eventually formed Germany.

later, a monument was created at the site. it was completed in 1913, and is a strange mix of memorial and monument of power. it wasn't the end of battles of nations, of course: a year later, in 1914, the first world war started.

more about the monument, here: wikipedia/Monument of the Battle of the Nations

inspired by photo friday's theme polished.

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