Saturday, March 5, 2011

in transit book walk (+a river of stones)

a Saturday photo book walk:

from Karyn Eisler (via facebook): "Perplexing Repetition > Dorothee Lang's book 'In Transit' is everywhere in Keszthely, Hungary"

THANKS! this colored walk is such a beautiful door into the weekend.
+ thanks to Susan Gibb who reviewed the book online: in transit part 1 - in transit part 2

order info: "in transit" + Lulu site sale + "a river of stones" 
you can order "in transit" via for 9.50$, or via Lulu for 9.50$. Lulu currently has a general 20% sale (code GIANT305). if you joined "a river of stones" in January, the book is available now at Lulu, too: a river of stones, so you can bundle orders. (sale lasts - 7.3.)
PS: proper blog entry on "a river of stones" to follow next week in the blueprint book blog.

1 comment:

Karyn said...

You're more than welcome Dorothee :-) I was stunned when I kept seeing your book everywhere as I roamed the streets of that city ~