Sunday, March 6, 2011

language, place, time

sunday morning. and i am taking a walk through Luxor, Egypt. to meet Hatshepsut there, via Natalie d'Arbeloff, whose notes include a meta-line on being in a place, and later blogging about it, so that others can visit it virtually:

"Behind the tourist posing beside a 'real Arab' for her husband's snapshot, which will be pasted in their family's album of memories, the faded bas-reliefs remember Hatshepsut's exploits and I, hidden in the shadows, capture this moment, later entering it into cyber-memory so that you can now step back in time with me though I am no longer there."

from Luxor, i venture into the origami-like art of Satu Kaikkonen, with book pages that turn into 3D. put together in Scandinavia, they now unfold in the worldwideweb and create another place, another language, another self.

"I cut the pages from his book and built a new world, a new place and language from these cuttings. And at the same time it was also a trip to myself, to my soul and body, to my skull where my inside world met the outside world.

it's this crossing-over from one layer of reality to the next that fascinates me this morning, while i follow the paths of the language/place carnival #4, which went online this week, and included Luxor, the origami-art, and so many other places and blogs.

following the carnival, i also revisit a line i read this week, the subtitle of the photoblog a friend started for the time she stays in China: Living and Learning in Chengdu.

Photography is missing the moment but winning eternity.

on this overcast sunday morning, i am grateful for all who took the time to miss a moment while sharing moments with others in their blog. thanks. you make the world a both larger and more familiar place. and special thanks to Jean Morris for gathering all those layers, pages and places into an edition of Beginnings, Journeys, Stories, Memories and Endings. here's the edition link again: language/place carnival #4.


Jean said...

Oh, I love the collage.
The carnival is going well, isn't it? It was very exciting to receive so many and such wonderful contributions for the latest issue. What a good idea you had, and it has really taken off!

Dorothee Lang said...

yes, the carnival really has taken off! there are already submissions in for the next one. it feels like an ongoing cyber journey, one that you can revisit, and that keeps moving.