Sunday, March 27, 2011

tree seasons

(click here for the larger version of the image)

trees. i keep returning to them. and i keep taking pictures of them. like this series, taken in 3 different seasons: the world in white / the world in green / the world in yellow 

trees inspire me 

the way they symbolize balance and strength, flexibility and eternity. and the way they keep reaching for the light

the way they change with every season, and turn every year into a ring.

the contrast of the hardness of their bark, and the softness of their petals. their ability to breathe dioxid and exhale oxygen.

and most of all: the way they found a way to remain grounded while moving through a constant process of change.

this post is inspired by and written for the "How do trees inspire you" - edition of the Festival of Trees blog carnival, hosted by Suzanne at Spirit Whispers.

more tree moments in this blog: label/trees


Suzi Smith said...

that is such a lovely post... and what a great idea to capture the scenes at different time of year... winter seems a world away now with all the recent growth!

Anonymous said...

'and most of all: the way they found a way to remain grounded while moving through a constant process of change.'

so many beautiful teachings they have to offer us. i agree with suzi..such a lovely post. thank you for sharing these wise inspirations & beautiful images.