Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cosmopoetica: my "Time Train" + "Only Choice" at Soledades 2.0 in Cordoba

in February, this mail from Cordoba arrived in my in-box:

"Hello, Dorothee
My name is Antonio Jesús Luna, and together with José García Obrero we are preparing a ciberpoetry sample within “Cosmopoética”, a poetry festival that takes place in Cordoba, Spain, next month.
The theme of this festival will be the 450 anniversary of Luis de Góngora, a cordovan baroque poet who created the largest machinery operator language of Spanish literature. In fact, the meeting is called “Soledades 2.0 No Moderno Artificio”, a tribute to Las Soledades (The Solitudes) his most daring and transgressive project.
The main idea is to connect those innovations that Góngora brought to the poetic discourse on the 17th century with the current tools that technology is now contributing to poetic creation.
We are writing to you because we would like to show two of your works by internet in Soledades 2.0.
Time Train and Only Choice."

the festival is on now. i am included. the pages are, of course, in Spanish. but so colorful. and the cyberpoems are international. here some links:

- SOLEDADES 2.0 no moderno artificio main page
- Cibermuestra (links to online cyber works)
- Creadores en Cibermuestra (the artists, each with short bio and visual)

and more - there even are blog notes with my name in it. i understand only a bit of the language. but it's beautiful. just like the spanish word for videopoems: ciberpoesia

- Modo de Usar: Dorothee Lang which includes this spanish bio of mine: "Dorothee Lang nasceu no sul da Alemanha, onde vive e trabalha como autora e editora digital e literária."
- Cosmopoetica blog with this line: "Un recorrido individual cambiando de ojos y de oídos al tiempo que uno deambula y pasa de Alan Bigelow a Alison Clifford o Dorothee Lang."
Em Córdova, terra de Gôngora, participando do festival with a list of the participating cyber poets: "A exposição traz também peças de poetas experimentais como os brasileiros Augusto de Campos e André Vallias, e ainda Billy Collins, Nicolas Clauss, Jörg Piringer, Alison Clifford, Ana María Uribe, Dorothee Lang, Zahra Safavian, Allan Bigelow, Isaías Herrero e Ainize Txopitea."



Karyn said...

Congratulations, Dorothee! These pieces look familiar to me...is it possible that I've seen them before, exploring the various wings of your website? Beautiful ~

Dorothee Lang said...

Hi Karyn! yes, both pieces have been previously published, "Time Train" in epimone.net, a cyberpoetry magazine based in Spain, hence the connection.

steve said...

congratulations, indeed! it is nice to see your name there with Billy Collins and the others. And your pieces evoke such deep feelings, it is obvious that they belong with the quality works of other artists from around the world.