Wednesday, April 6, 2011

who said magic is nothing but advanced technology?

it's a time of launches. last week, the blueprintreview collaboration issue started to launch: issue 27. then, on Saturday, the 5th edition of language place went live. and on tuesday, it was launch day in one of my freelance projects. plus, to add some launching, another freelance project came with a contest start today.

for each lauch, i sent out messages and mailings. today, it was the blueprint newsletter. which i enjoyed putting together. if you didn't receive one, there's an online version here:
blueprint news: collaborations + language/place + calls + books + links

what keeps amazing me is the technical development that happened in the last years. my computer here actually turned into a little broadcast station these days, sending letters around the world - as far as Australia, Hawaii, Iceland and Sweden, Cyprus and Emirates, India and Japan.

who said magic is nothing but advanced technology? yet it still feels like magic.

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Rose Hunter said...

Hey! How come Mexico isn't highlighted? :)

Your newsletter is so pretty!