Friday, April 1, 2011

march revisited

in an approach to keep track of the multitude of projects squaring my desk and days, i decided to take some time at the end of each month, to reflect on the words and images it brought. so here, as april pops up in white and pink petals, a reflection on the previous month:

an intense month. bringing a day trip to Lake Constance, on the day of the earthquake in Japan. and a week later, a short trip to Leipzig that woke memories of the past. also, it was a month of working towards 3 deadlines. and of first spring flowers in the gardens. plus, there were regional elections here, with a surprise turn: a first green governor. all those events also reflect in my own work, half of them were on the reflective side:
- after the shock - a gathering of reflections, thoughts, blog posts
- (b)order - a fragmented poem (52/250)
East West Real Life - a memory of my first trip to Leipzig (language/place)
stone timelines - a historic moment from Leipzig

but there also were playful moments:
- forms of being - a language visual (qarrtsiluni)
- going bananas - one of my stories recommended (short story reader)
- Living ?s - an interview with me re-featured (Kaffe in Katmandu)
- array, cloud, set - a crowd story (52/250)
- and taking part in a comic ad campaign contest (more about that, in April)

seen from another viewpoint, march also was a month of revisiting previously published work. like the re-featuring of the Living ?s interview, or the story recommendation - or my own revisit of the Leipzig essay.

parallel, there was the editiorial work on the BluePrintReview collaboration issue, which now launched: "synergetic transformations". 

(previous monthly reviews are here: revisiting)

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