Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Puertos. and poetry.

the new issue of BluePrintReview is still unfolding. yesterday the next group of collaborations went live. or rather: reached shore. one of them is Puertos - a poetry collaboration that came together between me, Rose Hunter and Steve Wing. going through the pages again now, the poems and images we merged and connected felt like - what's the word for this, when you work on something, and when revisiting it, it feels not like a memory, but rather like entering something new?

and poetry - it feels like a focus theme of the days. the synergy issue is very much an issue of poetry. and added to it, i read 2 interviews with poets, both with lines on the nature of poetry:

"I believe that poetry is a dialogue with the world, made public. I need time to listen and to watch the world’s body language from a point of silence. I need time to consider things that I thought were unequivocal, but turned out not to be. Some poems interpret the world for us. I like, and strive to write, poems that present the world in its complexity for interpretations." - Ren Powell, in Writing Our Way Back Home

"Poetry is everywhere. It is inside of us. It is a certain way of attending to the world. The work is how to bring it out into the word, and lay it on the page. It is a commitment. It is both full of effort and effortless. It is transformative." - Daniela Elza, in Poemeleon

and i just noticed this, the word: transformative. it is also part of the official title of this BluePrintReview issue: "synergetic transformations"

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daniela elza said...

Thanks Dorothee,
The day after you posted this I defended my doctoral dissertation in Philosophy of Education. Reading this quote now I still believe that. Which is a good sign. This journey is riddled with delightful paradoxes.
Thanks for the quote by Ren Powell. I relate to it fully. I will check out the interview.