Friday, April 22, 2011

summer in April + a cold front

it's April in Germany. time of "Aprilwetter" - a steady mix of >some rain >some sun >some clouds, playing on replay. only that the April skies these days moved to Spain, while we have Mediterranean skies here: endless blue horizon. sun. sun. sun. the only thing missing: a beach.

the inversed weather will last til tuesday. then a cold front will move in, and the skies will switch back to normal here. which clicks with the new issue of 52/250 which is now on: cold front. i have a piece in it, too. it starts with a mini-poem inside a poem:

Every day
h/our plan
of life –

This stack
of b/oxed hopes,
of I th/ink

a little higher
a little edgier

the whole poem, here: cold front
and more flash cold fronts, here: 52/250 - cold front

and a note on the photo above: it's inspired by the new photo friday theme: Minimalist. the photo is from South France. a larger shot of the beach, with the lights on, is up here: urban landscape

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