Thursday, May 19, 2011

My World, or: because they are ours

photo friday's theme for this week is: My World.

how to put that in a picture? i wondered. and looked through files. a collage might be an answer, i figured. but then, i liked the task: my world in 1 image. yesterday, i finally found it, a photo, and the story to go with it. the story of the window images. (and there it is again, the theme: windows).

from the ongoing series of sky diary photos in this blog, most are taken from the window here (the original tag indeed was "window", i noticed yesterday while window hunting). the reason for it: the first photos of the series were inspired by a task/share thread in a web forum - Lonely Planet Travellers. the simple task back then: "take a photo from the window of the room you are in."

many responded, some with stunning city skylines. one posted a simple image of a small garden, with some houses and trees beyond. "Nothing special, just the view from the window here," she wrote. to which someone answered: "Those views are special - because they are ours."

i still remember that take: our own views.

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Parmanu said...

I really like the sky diary series, Dorothee. Didn't know they were from your window - what a nice idea!

Right now, my window looks out into an endless farm of concrete blocks glaring in the relentless sun. No, this isn't Deutschland - I am in Bangalore!