Saturday, May 21, 2011

pink sky luck upcoming

pink + sky
2 photos from the garden: the pink peonies are now bursting into bloom, together with the lilac iris. and with the cumulus clouds. the skies developed an almost tropical rhythm this week: shining blue in the morning, and then at noon, huge clouds start to built, and the weather show begins.

in an attempt to get back into some kind of submission cycle (i first wrote "system", but that would be taken it a bit far), i browsed the Duotrope list of upcoming theme issue deadlines, and saw that Soundzine is currently looking for Luck (in poetic form, and in "all its silly-serious, superstitious glory"). luck. in german, it's: Gl├╝ck.

thanks to facebook and it's birthday list, i realized yesterday that Sunday will be BluePrintReview's birthday. AND i think i finally figured out the theme for #27.  but back to the birthday: it was in May 2005 that the first issue of BluePrintReview launched. it's still up, here: BluePrintReview Issue 1.

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