Monday, May 23, 2011

blueprintreview 6 years, #28, archives

yesterday was blueprintreview birthday: 6 years of BluePrintReview. 27 issues. i put a "Happy Birthday BluePrintReview" blog entry together, and when i added the link to facebook, i saw there were greetings waiting on the blueprint wall. so many. from so many places. one made me grin:

"Happy Birthday to a well-travelled six-year-old!"

the ongoing chain of wishes made me go and look for some extra links to post, like the first blueprint story that made a best-of-list: "The Woman of My Father" by LaTanya McQueen, that was. while visiting the archives i noticed that they aren't completely updated. so that's what i will do in the next days - a good way to revisit the former issues.

and now, into year 7. which will start with a "challenge". that's the theme for the upcoming issue #28 - the focus of the issue will be on short stories and essays, and apart from the theme "challenge", there also will be a challenge page included. still figuring out the details, and already looking forward to it.

and here, a link to a challenge story from the "Lost, Found & Stolen" issue of BluePrintReview:

On Some Road by Lisa Reade
You know those toys they sell in the Discovery Channel store, those small, spiky plastic spheres that when you pull the edges expand to the size of your entire body? And then when you give it a little tap with your finger it immediately shrinks back down to the size of your hand?
When I had to leave Boston at the end of the summer to go back to Wesleyan, it felt like an enormous blossoming world had suddenly shrunk back down to the size of an acorn...

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