Tuesday, May 24, 2011

many "many" pictures + wind sculptures

the new photo friday theme is: Many. many have sent an image so far: more than 200. many many pictures, so to say. my contribution is from Lanzarote island. the local artist Cezar Manrique created a series of various moving sculptures there, each based on an individual shape, and consisting of various elements. many of them are placed in the middle of roundabouts, which adds art moments to drives across the island.

the 2 above are my favourites: the colourful cubes, and the spheres that made me think both of atoms and of solar systems. .. and now i found a youtube clip with the cubes, moving: wind structure. and here's the spheres: juguete al viento. and another: Windspiel.

some additional notes on Lanzarote, Manrique & wind sculptures

the really special thing about Lanzarote is how this artist Manrique had a vision for the island. he saw it as a huge natural piece of art, and engaged politically to keep it from being turned into a hotel-chain-destinaion. there are only 3-level-buildings-allowed (in some places, that’s 4 or 5 now). Lanzarote has a different feeling, compared to the other Canary Islands. and Manrique created his art in connection to the landscape – like the wind sculptures, and murals. he focused on special places with them, and put them up as art marks. he in fact interacted cretively with some places, “enhanced” them with his art. which can be a bit overpowering: Lanzarote brought to you by Cesar Manrique.. but compared to what large hotel blocks are doing, this is a rather inspiring approach. you can read more about Lanzarote in this blog if you follow the tag Lanzarote

revisting Manrique's wind sculptures also made me remember the kinetic wind sculpture art of Theo Jansen. here's a youtube clip: Kinetic Sculptures.

and interesting to see some other germans pop up in the many collection: raumzeitausschnitt ("spacetimecrop"), Feldauge ("fieldeye"), and tauben "pigeons". ein gruß! (hello!)


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