Thursday, May 26, 2011

a folded heron, a color bee & a Dali-moment

after the island time, the days are now filled with busyness. but there's a window in them: a window of taking time. for the little things. the card i received was a perfect reminder for it: Tres Picos by Dali. "take time to visit the butterflies," it said to me.

when a new heron hatched in the Folded Word nest, i printed it in black/white, then remembered when i saw the title: Colours of Honey. so i sent the file to a friend with a color printer. now the colours shine in color. and the bee in it: busy at it is, it takes a pause there, in the sun flower.

and here's a Dali-moment: i first laid the card+heron out on the wooden floor to take a photo for the blog. then i remembered the new magazine that i picked up last week with the fancy photo part - and was stunned. either this was chance, or it was my subconscious that remembered the parallel between the Dali print and the photo pose:

"Dali created this colorful figure by incorporating an engraving of butteflies illustrated in a 19th century publication" is noted on the backside of the print. maybe the photographer incorporated the Dali print in this 21st century publication?

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