Friday, May 27, 2011

Challenge & 100 Days

this week is a week of things coming together: the theme for the next issue of BluePrintReview is now fixed. it's: Challenge. the call for submissions is up here: BluePrintReview Call #28

in one of those perfect coincidences in time, i received a mail from Susan Gibb just some hours after i put the call up, with an invite to join the 100 Days project. of course i clicked the link: 100 Days 2011. browsed some of the blogs. and of course, was tempted. especially as this would connect to the blueprintreview challenge theme. long story short - i am part now. here's my project blog, it will be about images:

100 days of daily photos: p art ici patio n

the idea for it my blog is: blog a daily photo from my archive, the choice inspired by the blog theme or a specific blog entry of another 100 day artist / author. so the project will also be about revisiting/returning to own previous moments for me. i'll post connected links if existent. and parallel to that, i will see which challenges everyone has set for themselves. again, this made me think about the nature of challenge, the way they trigger our motivation and creativity.

and another thematic match: my first daily photo is a horizon/sunset moment, inspired by an "edge" blog. i posted it this morning, and later remembered that it's also photo friday today. which, of all possible challenges, comes with the theme: Sundown this friday.

so i now tried an abstract variation of the horizon. the original is up here, the abstract is up in the 100 days blog: 6 Edge Effects. the image is from a drive to the nearby Alb mountain plateau in january.

the daily blog - i started with 7, and will catch up backwards in the next days
and here is Susan's blog. she took part in 100 Days in 2010 with a daily story. and is enhancing the task this year to 365 stories in 365 days(!). links are up in the sidebar of her spinning blog.

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