Saturday, June 25, 2011

Objects of Desire and Their Wrapping (Imprisonment/qarrtsiluni)

now playing at qarrtsiluni online literary magazine: the "Imprisonment" issue. A line from the guidelines asked "What are the objects, desires, laws, thoughts, that imprison us?" - It was this note that sparked my contribution, which now is online, a picture taken in a shopping street at sales time. standing in front of it, i thought that this might also work as installation in an art exhbition. the image is online here: qarrtsiluni/Objects of Desire.

for a larger view of the scene, try this link: storefront/Objects of Desire

and a note beyond the issue: in the "Objects is up"-mail, Dave from qarrtsiluni added this note: "This is your 12th publication in qarrtsiluni, if I'm not mistaken." - which made me go ahead and clicked my name, which pulled up the previous contributions: qarrtsiluni/Dorothee-Lang. interesting that a lot of them are about place. didn’t realize this. it’s quite a journey, seen on a page.

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Rose Hunter said...

What a gorgeous archive - how lovely. :)