Saturday, June 25, 2011

things that appear on saturdays

saw it when i made tea and looked out of the window, and thought it looks pretty fancy. like an oldtimer of a farm tractor. or like one of the farm tractor in children's books. maybe the farmer stopped there to get a cup of coffee-to-go at the nearby bakery. "Traktor", they are called in german, or: "Trecker", a name that is derived from the old german word for pulling: "trecken".


E♦B said...

Dorothee. You know that I check your site regularly - the photos and artwork are always stunning, really a pleasure. I have to tell you, though, that the tractor photo made me laugh. Because when I go to get my daughter from school - in the heart of Brooklyn (i.e., concrete, blacktop, and more concrete) - and as I wait in the car, I see this beat-up, old, dirty, yellow tractor in the school yard parking lot. I think they use it for the athletic field (and to plow snow). And I sit there and think: I wish I had my camera: what an odd photo that would make. She has only a few more days of school, so I must rememeber! Linguistically, there is a Latin verb, which means to drag: I think it is trahere. Thank you for the every-day (as well as the sublime) photos!

Dorothee Lang said...

i just revisited the image, and read your comment again. now i really wished you had taken the photo - we could have created an unlikely collage :)